GIGA WRECKER – Final Boss Walkthrough “Mahāstra Tārā” | Attacks・Strategies・How to Defeat “Mahāstra Tārā”

This is a walkthrough page on the GIGAWRECKER boss “Mahāstra Tārā”. Written here are weaknesses, strategies and other guides to defeating the boss.

Mahāstra Tārā

Attacks, How to React

  • Sword Spin Attack
  • The boss moves around with sword floating around it.

  • Sword Throw / Explosion
  • The boss throws its swords and detonates them.

  • Warp Sword Attack
  • After warping to the center, it attacks upon landing.
    A vertical shockwave is emitted.

  • Warp Earthquake Attack
  • After warping to the center, the boss falls causing an earthquake.
    If the player is on the ground, they stumble and briefly lose mobility.

  • Mini Mech Placement / Bullet Wave
  • Mini mechs that release purple shots are placed around the stage.
    The shots curve when fired, and the mechs move freely.

  • Full Screen Attack
  • This attack is used if the mechs written above are not destroyed.
    This move is unavoidable, so destroying all mechs is important.

  • Dark Sphere+Spikes
  • An attack similar to that of Astra Rāhu and Ketu.
    Mashing the Recall button lets you obtain debri.

  • Homing Laser
  • This attack is used if the player fails to take the dark sphere.
    A laser targetting the player is fired.
    This attack is unavoidable, so obtaining the sphere is top priority.


Mahāstra Tārā is the boss of Vimukti, Fortress of the Flying Nymphs and is the final boss.
As the main mechanic of boss fights, in order to damage the boss, you debri needs to be maxed out.

■First Stage
This boss uses combinations of attacks from previous bosses.
The rotation attack has a set route; moving to either the left or right, in the air. The wall of the side where the enemy moves is a safe zone.

After the rotation attack comes the throwing attack.
Watch the direction of the swords to successfully dodge them.
Stay next to the edge or right below the boss to stay safe.

After warping, there are 2 attacks; but deciphering which attack is coming is possible, but difficult, and hard to react to.
If the boss readies its sword after warping, it indicates the earthquake attack, and if it stays still comes the shockwave attack.
Jump to avoid being paralyzed by the earthquake.
By attacking the sword itself, the shockwave can be avoided.
By attacking and jumping at the same time, though the timing is severe, you can dodge both simultaneously.

The mini mechs are similar to that of Kadru; they fire then relocate.
After 3 attacks, a full area attack is fired, so destroying them beforehand is essential.
The bullets disappear with the mechs and should be attacked.
The debri needed to destroy mechs isn’t set, so destroying them as they come down is an efficient way to combat them.

The dark sphere is almost identical to Rahu & Ketu, but the mashing needed is much higher.
Also, more spikes fall from the ceiling, and more dodging is required.

Reduce the boss’ HP to ⅔ to move to the 2nd stage.

■Second Stage
At this stage, the sword spin gains more patterns.
If the initial movement is upwards, the movement is vertical.
Move while the boss is above, and avoid being under it.
If the initial movement is diagonal, the boss repeats descending movements.
The 1st and 2nd descents are diagonal, so moving under the boss after it rises is ideal.
The 3rd one is vertical, so stay away from the boss.

With the sword throw, there are less safe areas.
Check the direction of the swords to successfully dodge.
The safe zones written above are no longer safe here.
Dodging in between is the best way; use the pattern of the floor to your advantage.

There are 3 mechs instead of 2.
They move more now, with 4 repositioning movements, with a screen attack at the end.

The amount of spikes increases.
Obtaining the sphere is top priority, so taking some damage may be necessary.

Video Guide of Mahāstra Tārā

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