GIGA WRECKER – Boss Walkthrough Astra Rāhu and Ketu | Attacks・Strategies・How to Defeat “Astra Rāhu and Ketu”

This is a walkthrough page on the GIGAWRECKER boss “Astra Rāhu and Ketu”. Written here are weaknesses, strategies and other guides to defeating the boss. This page also introduces a video guide.

Walkthrough Rāhu and Ketu


  • Bouncing Fireball
  • The boss fires multiple fireballs that bounce around.
    Time your movements to run under them.

  • Fireball Debri Drop
  • The boss destroys a fireball up high with a laser beam, causing debri to fall to the ground.
    They fall spread out, so dodge them by going in between them.
    Fallen debri can be recalled.

  • Spike Drop
  • The boss rears its body and slams the ground.
    This then causes spikes to fall.
    The slam causes the player to stumble when grounded, causing you to take the next hit, so jumping during the slam is essential.
    Avoid the spikes by weaving through the gaps.

  • Dark Sphere + Spikes (First Battle)
  • The boss fires a black ball, while also dropping spikes.
    The sphere can be overtaken by recall mashing, but if failed, you are hit with an unavoidable area attack.
    If successful, the boss drops some debri.

  • Dark Sphere + Spikes + Laser (Second Battle)
  • In addition to the attacks written above, Rāhu attacks with a laser beam.
    This is aimed at the player, so as long as you keep moving, it is avoidable.
    Be careful not to recall the dark sphere as well.


“Astra Rāhu and Ketu” is the boss of Pātāla, Diamond Gate of Dragons.

The guide to Pātāla, Diamond Gate of Dragons is here.
As the main aspect to beating the boss, you must remember in order to damage the boss, you debri needs to be maxed out.
During the boss fight, once the boss is at half health it appears on the left side as well, destroying a part of the platform.
Right after recalling the dark sphere, there is a chance to obtain lots of debri.
The sphere can be overtaken by mashing the recall button.

Once the sphere is obtained, the attacks thin out, and Ketu emits multiple pieces of debri, creating a chance to get them.
On the other hand if you fail to obtain the sphere, you receive a wide range attack, so be careful to obtain the sphere.

There is also some debri to get from both the fallen spikes and destroyed fireballs, so be sure to recall these as well.

■Second Fight
There are no changes to the attack types here.
On the other hand there are more fireballs and spikes, so it is more important to focus on dodging than before.
Also the boss comes to the right side as well after your first hit.
Finally, the dark sphere and laser beams are fired at the same time.

Video Guide of Astra Rāhu and Ketu

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