GIGA WRECKER – Boss Walkthrough Astra Saramā | Attacks・Strategies・How to Defeat “Astra Saramā”

This is a walkthrough page on the GIGAWRECKER boss “Astra Saramā”. Written here are weaknesses, strategies and other guides to defeating the boss.

Walkthrough Astra Saramā


  • Wreck Throw
  • Wrecks of things such as vending machines appear, and after a short time, they are flung towards you. Making platforms and attacking the core will cancel out the attack. The size of the debri doesn’t matter when cancelling.

  • Ground Charge
  • After appearing on the ground, Saramā charges towards the player. Dodge by jumping or hit the core.

  • Mini Mech Shot
  • Small mechs appear in the air, and fire after a short time. These mechs can be destroyed by attacking.


The boss can be damaged after debri is maxed out.
The boss of Sattva, City of Decadence(Corner of the ruins city).
It uses teleportation, and throws objects at you.
The places of appearance are fixed, so keeping track is important. Most of the attacks can be cancelled by attacking the core. When in doubt, attack the core.
Destroying the small mechs create debri. These attacks have longer gray screen times, so once the screen changes, try to attack the mechs.
In order to respond quickly, try staying near the center after attacking or dodging.

Video Guide of Astra Saramā

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