GIGA WRECKER – Boss Walkthrough Astra Vinatā | Attacks・Strategies・How to Defeat “Astra Vinatā”

This is a walkthrough page on the GIGAWRECKER boss Vinatā. Written here are weaknesses, strategies and other guides to defeating the boss.

Walkthrough Astra Vinatā


  • Fireball Attack
  • After swinging its sword while jumping, flaming rocks start to fall. These fall towards the player, so dodging carefully is important.

  • Sword Throw
  • An aerial sword throw. Dodge by jumping, or deflect it by attacking.

  • Aerial Sword Throw
  • A grounded sword throw, towards the side. Dodge by jumping, or deflect it by attacking.

  • Downwards Swing
  • Closes range with a short hop then swings vertically. It has great range and dodging is difficult. Use the Up Attack and deflect the sword.

  • Charge
  • A charge attack from one side of the screen to the other. Parry with attacks or jump over.


The boss of Samsāra, Bloodsteel Arsenal.
To beat the boss, you need to max out the debri.
Sword based attacks can be deflected. Deflected swords get stuck in the ground, and destroying them gives you debri, so try to recall and attack.
You can recall the rocks with nanomachines once a sword is destroyed, so breaking swords near rocks can help with getting more debri. The downwards swing is hard to evade so try to learn the timing. A tip to deflecting is to attack a bit earlier than waiting until the last second.

■The Second Battle
Here the movement of the enemy gets faster, and the attacks are powered up, with more fireballs and larger attack ranges. Also, the only way to obtain debri is to destroy the swords before they reach the ground.

Video Guide of Astra Vinatā

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