GIGA WRECKER – Basic Controls / Unique Actions and Guides

This is a guide page on the GIGAWRECKER’s controls, with gamepad button configurations, keyboard settings, action guides with usage explanations. Use this page to check controls while playing, or to get to know different ways to use actions.

Button Arrangement Table

Gamepad controls are written based on the “Microsoft Xbox 360®” controller.
Note button names differ between controllers.
Also, these are based on the default settings of gamepads, so if you have configured them, check “Key configuration” inside “Options.”

Controls Gamepad Keyboard
Right →(Left stick)
Left ←(Left stick)
UP / Check ↑(Left stick)
Downwards / Crouch ↓(Left stick)
Jump A Space
Attack X D
ARCHE ability Y F
Recall RB S
Debris Lock LB A
Navigation Map BACK Tab
Tachyon Handler B T
Zoom out(Maps) RB X
Zooming in(Maps) LB Z
Decision A Enter
Cancel B Escape

Action Guide


There is only one movement speed, so some getting used to may be necessary.
To move only slightly, flick the gamepad stick or just tap if on keyboard.

Downwards / Crouch

Above platforms, input Down+A to drop down. (As shown below)
ギガレッカー 床


Using mechanics and abilities causes inertia, which helps to move farther and reach higher places.
This is important to keep in mind when facing area mechanics.


Suck in enemy remains and debri with liquid nanomachines attached to create a debri ball.
Using recall near elevators and turrets can activate mechanics.
This is also used to avoid some boss attacks.


Attack in front of you with your arm.
With a debri ball in hand, throw it forward.
A larger ball gives you more reach and larger hits.
With up or down inputs, you can attack above and below.

Debri Lock

Solidify your debri into a platform.
This uses all debri you currently hold.
Use recall to get back this debri.
The platform size changes with the amount of debri. (About 3 stages)
This can be used as a platform, but also with reflecting switch lasers and pressing switches.
With Stabilize Lock, this is much easier to use.

Debri Blade

This has long range, but is mainly used to cut terrain and ropes.
With this, walls and other terrain can be cut cleanly; without exploding the stage.

Debri Javelin

Used with Up+Y.
Throw a spear with unlimited range.
These pierce walls and terrain to become platforms.
These do not damage the terrain, and can be used to shake the stage with shockwaves, or as a jamming rod.
Unlike the Lock, this doesn’t use all debri, so you can use the other skills after using this one.
Thrown javelins can be recalled, and with Multi Javelin, up to 3 can be thrown.

Debri Drill

Use with Down+Y.
Fire a drill shaped projectile.
Firing this at terrain will destroy it, and the drill disappears once nothing is destructible.

Tachyon Handler

Using this gives the same effects as exploring a singularity point.
This can be used whenever and wherever.
This is used to also remove large debri on some areas.
Using this during boss fights let’s you leave the boss room.

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