GIGA WRECKER – Astra Rush | Boss Rush Mode Guide

This page focuses on “Astra Rush,” a mode added via update in GIGAWRECKER. Astra Rush is what is usually known as a boss rush mode. This guide will give tips to beat this mode smoother.

Astra Rush

How to Unlock


At Vimukti, Fortress of the Flying Nymphs, the entrance is through a door at the left of the starting point of Region 00. Placed there is a device where you can access the mode.
In order to play, you need to have completed the story. If you haven’t done so, there is nothing to do in this room.

Bosses that Appear

  1. Astra Vinatā
  2. Astra Kadrū
  3. Astra Rāhu and Ketu
  4. Astra Saramā
  5. Mahāstra Tārā

You must fight these 5 bosses consecutively.
“Vinatā,” “Kadrū,” and “Rāhu and Ketu” is the performance when fighting for the second time.


gigawrecker timeattack
By defeating all of the bosses you obtain an achievement “Mighty Warrior.”
Also, the time taken to be cleared is shown at the end. According to GIGAWRECKER’s official Twitter, a record of one of the developers is 00:12:17. How about going for a time faster than this, for a challenge?

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Boss List
Astra Vinatā Astra Saramā Astra Kadrū
Astra Rāhu and Ketu Mahāstra Tārā  

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