GIGA WRECKER – Recommended Skills | Prioritization Guides

This is a walkthrough page on the skills of GIGAWRECKER and recommendations. Take these guides into account when unlocking new skills in the skill tree..

ギガレッカー スキルツリー

Expansion Slot

There are not a lot of skills obtainable at the beginning, so using ARCHE abilities to expand slots is recommended.
If you do not do so, you cannot obtain the skills at the far end of the Tree, no matter how many skill points you obtain.

Crystal Scanning

This helps to raise the amount of nano crystals you obtain, and helps to unlock other skills faster.

Converter Booster

This is useful in gathering more nano crystals.
Having this skill makes a large change in how fast you get to other skills, so unlocking this one early is essential.

Caterpillar Drive

This skill gives you more attack range, making it easier to beat enemies.
This is especially useful in destroying mini mechs that appear in Sarama and Kadru’s boss fights.

Stabilize Lock

Normally when creating a Lock, it rolls slightly forward, making it difficult to place it where you want it to. With this ability, you can place Locks exactly where Reika is, making it much easier to use.

Striking Lock

This is needed to acquire the achievements “Master of Lock” and “Watch your head”.

Multi Javelin

This lets you throw and impale multiple javelins into walls, letting you climb higher walls.

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