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It is a walkthrough page for “Samsāra, Bloodsteel Arsenal (2)” of GIGAWRECKER story area. We introduce various useful information such as area process, gimmick and boss battle walkthrough.

Story Chart (Construction Zone C-00 ~ C-04)

Samsāra : Central Area (Video Part1 00:00~)

Use the Tachyon Handler to go into the depth for the second time.
Divergence into C-00, C-05, and C-10
It goes to C-05 in the video.
Seven Gate Keys are required to go to C-10.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-00 (Video Part1 00:54~)

In the instant death trap room, drop the block, that is attached to the foothold on the trap, by a drill or a blade, and use them as the foothold to advance.
Divergence into C-01 and C-03.
It goes to C-01 in the video.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-01 (Video Part1 01:51~)

In the instant death trap room, cut down the pillar that is put on the upper left iron box. When the iron box is dropped onto the gray block, break the left part of the block, and investigate the Gate Key and Door Control Panel as advancing toward upper right where the block is slanted.
Five Gate Keys are required to go to C-02.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-02 (Video Part1 02:35~)

Stab the Javelin to the right side of the T-shaped foothold, and tilt it toward the right. After climbing up to the foothold, collect back the Javelin by Recall and transfer to the left side of the foothold.
When the foothold tilts to the left, move to the terminal device before the foothold falls down.
Investigate the terminal device, and obtain a blueprint, “Pixel Javelin”.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-03 (Video Part1 03:36~)

For the foothold with rope, gain a momentum as moving right and left in accordance with the movement of the foothold after cutting the rope on the left. When the momentum is strong enough and the foothold swings to the right, cut two ropes on the right, then jump to the other side when the riding foothold approaches the another foothold with a door.
There is a Gate Key at where you can use a lift on the side of a door.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-04 (Video Part1 04:07~)

In the room of gas pool, throw a Debris Lock with Elastic Fluid to the gas pool from the left. The wall opens when the upper right of Electrode Panel touches it, thus use the lift to go up.
Beat the enemy by the Debris with Elastic Fluid.
There is a Crystal Converter.

Story Chart (Construction Zone C-05 ~ C-10)

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-05 (Video Part2 00:00~)

In the room of Circle Saw with a hole, cut down the foothold in the middle and transfer to the singularity before the foothold collapses. Reset the foothold at the singularity, and then go up as creating a foothold with Javelin.
When you reach the same height as a Door Control Panel, cut down the foothold with a blade, cross to the right before the foothold collapses, and investigate the Door Control Panel.
Divergence into C-06 and C-08.
It goes to C-08 in the video.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-06 (Video Part2 00:44~)

In the room of Gate Key, go up to the top of the midair foothold and beat the enemy by dropping the block with a drill. Go to the Gate Key using the dropped foothold or Debris Lock to investigate it.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-07 (Video Part2 01:40~)

In the terminal device room, destroy the bottom and thin part of a gray block by a drill, and go to the terminal device as destroying the top part of the block by an attack.
After investigating the terminal device, obtain a blueprint, “Pixel Drill”.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-08 (Video Part2 02:32~)

There is a Beacon.
In the room with Weight Switch, destroy the right tip of the block on which a big iron box is on and cut the rope on the right side of a block.
Investigate a Gate Key.
It is possible to achieve “Watch Your Head”.
Nine Gate Keys are required to go to C-09.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-09 (Video Part2 03:44~)

In the room where there is an instant death trap on the ceiling, cross the foothold by jumping. Be careful not to fall down into the instant death trap because of activating a lift or a Beam Cannon by a recall mistakenly. Also, pay attention to the Beam Cannon not to fall down. Activate the rightmost lift to transfer to the right foothold.
Investigate the terminal device to obtain a blueprint, “Astra Blade”.

Samsāra : Construction Zone C-10 (Video Part2 04:15~)

In the room where there are two Weight Switches, cut the rope of concave foothold first, and then put it on the switch. When the weight is not enough, put a Debris Lock on it.
The portal is activated by the switch at the bottom.
Next, activate the right lift and transfer the iron box onto a conveyor. When the iron box comes to the lift in the middle, activate the middle lift.
The wall opens by the switch on the top.
It goes to “Astra Vinatā (2)” battle as transferring by a portal.

Samsāra, Bloodsteel Arsenal (2) Walkthrough Video


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