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It is a walkthrough page for “Darshana, Temple of Seekers (2)” of GIGAWRECKER story area. We introduce various useful information such as area process, gimmick and boss battle walkthrough.

Story Chart (Research Zone C-00 ~ C-04)

Darshana : Central Area (Video Part1 00:00~)

Divergence into C-00, C-04, C-05, and C-09.
Seven Gate Keys are required to go to C-09.
*The door in the video is C-04

Darshana : Research Zone C-00 (Video Part1 00:42~)

Use a lift to transfer. Pay attention to the instant death trap while moving.
Divergence into C-01 or C-02.
Five Gate Keys are required to go to C-01.

Darshana : Research Zone C-01 (Video Part1 01:39~)

Entering from the door, there is a Crystal Converter on top of the first lift.
There is a Beacon at the left back.
Pressing a Weight Switch by a Debris Lock, the wall and the door open.
Firstly, in the room of Laser Receiver, cut the rope on the right side of the block which is in the middle. Reflect the laser, that rebounded on the block, with a Debris Lock to make it face to the upper right. Finally, destroy the left side of the block from the bottom and adjust the angle of the block as well as the laser and Laser Receiver to make them reach each other.

Darshana : Research Zone C-02 (Video Part1 02:18~)

For the Gear and Laser Receiver, stab the Javelin to the pillar which is attached to the Gear and turning around.
After that, cross the Gear and investigate the Gate Key.

Darshana : Research Zone C-03 (Video Part1 03:30~)

In order to open the wall to the terminal device, activate the Beam Cannon in the middle, then activate the left Beam Cannon as facing it toward 2 o’clock direction and beat the enemy at the foothold. After that, activate the Weight Switch on the left as putting a Debris Lock on it.
Obtain a blueprint, “Boxfish” from the terminal device on the left side of the wall.

Darshana : Research Zone C-04 (Video Part1 05:08~)

Destroy the right side of the block in the middle, and tilt the block to the left. After this, dropping the box at the upper right to the block, the iron box rolls down to the Weight Switch and the wall opens.
There is a Crystal Converter at the back of the wall, so beat the enemy on the top by the Beam Cannon.

Story Chart (Research Zone C-05 ~ C-09)

Darshana : Research Zone C-05 (Video Part2 00:00~)

In the room with Weight Switch, cut down the bottom part of the block with a blade in the middle and tilt it to the left. After that, activate the Beam Cannon when it faces 12 o’clock direction, and drop the iron box to the switch.

Darshana : Research Zone C-06 (Video Part2 01:30~)

Use the Debris Lock after beating the enemy, and investigate the Gate Key. Activate the Weight Switch using the Debris Lock too. The knack for beating the enemy is to squash them by cutting the block, but not destroying the foothold on the top.
Divergence into C-07 and C-08.
Nine Gate Keys are required to go to C-07.

Darshana : Research Zone C-07 (Video Part2 03:10~)

Jump over the instant death trap with the momentum of a conveyor. Beat the enemy, and open the upper part of the wall by activating the Weight Switch with a Debris Lock.
Obtain a blueprint, “Astra Javelin” as investigating the terminal device.

Darshana : Research Zone C-08 (Video Part2 04:00~)

Destroy the right block, and move the Circle Saw with a prop. If the Circle Saw swings to the left three times, the block, that is needed to transfer to the terminal device, is destroyed. Therefore, transfer as fast as possible when the block becomes a slope to the terminal device.
Obtain a blueprint, “White Shark” after investigating the terminal device.

Darshana : Research Zone C-09 (Video Part2 05:08~)

When the left Beam Cannon faces 10 o’clock direction and the right Beam Cannon faces 2 o’clock direction, they are activated, then advance as destroying the block.
There is a save point.
Transferring by a portal, it goes to “Astra Kadrū (2)” boss battle.

Darshana, Temple of Seekers (2) Walkthrough Video


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