GIGA WRECKER – Trap and Gimmick List

This is a summary page of traps and gimmicks in GIGAWRECKER. Explaining the effects of the traps and gimmicks, how to unlock it, and how to operate it.

Trap and Gimmick List


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GIGA WRECKER Move to the next floor.
The locked door can be unlocked by examining the Door Control Panel.


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GIGA WRECKER It can be opened with the Door Control Panel and various switches.

Door Control Panel

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GIGA WRECKER Open Doors and Shutters.


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GIGA WRECKER A door that is unlocked by finding certain number of Gate keys in the same area as the door.
The number of required gate keys is indicated by the number of lamps at the top of the gate.

Gate Key

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GIGA WRECKER This is a gimmick for opening the Gates, and multiple Gate Keys can be found in the area.


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GIGA WRECKER It leads to another area or boss room.
You need to activate the switch to use it.


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GIGA WRECKER When you check it, it is recorded in Navi/Map and you can warp there anytime

Save Point

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GIGA WRECKER Can be used to Save the game by checking (up button).

Nanomachine Lift

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GIGA WRECKER It will rise when recalling in the vicinity.
You can jump higher if you are on the lift while it is rising.

Beam Cannon

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GIGA WRECKER Shoots beam by using Recall near the cannon.
There are cannons that have a fixed launch direction, and cannons that spins in a circle.
The beam will penetrate any terrain that can be destroyed.
The beam will also damage the player if hit.
You can kill any enemy with a single beam.

Belt Conveyor

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GIGA WRECKER Approach run on the conveyor to jump further.

Circle Saw

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GIGA WRECKER A trap that deals damage when you get hit by it. Enemies will also die from the saw.
Circle Saw can also destroy terrain.

Wire Rope

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GIGA WRECKER Hangs terrain and Circle Saw and so on.
It shakes like a pendulum and can be cut with Debris Blade.

Weight Switch

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GIGA WRECKER A switch that can be activated by placing certain weight on it.
You can activate it with the maximum size Debris Lock.
If the weight is slightly insufficient, the main character can jump on top to activate it.

Laser Receiver

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GIGA WRECKER A switch that is activated by irradiating laser to it for a certain amount of time.
It does not work just by irradiating laser for an instant.

Laser Projector

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GIGA WRECKER Shoots lasers used to activate the Laser Receiver.
Lasers can be reflected by terrain and Debris Lock.
The laser does not deal any damage.

Laser Absorber

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GIGA WRECKER It is a block that absorbs the laser from the Laser Projector.
Since it does not reflect the laser, you have to avoid hitting it with the laser.
There are cubes that can be destroyed and cubes which are indestructible

Magnetic Connector

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GIGA WRECKER When Terrain or Debris Lock touches, it sticks like a magnet and is fixed.
If another Terrain or Debris Lock touches a fixed Terrain it will also be fixed.
Deals damage to the player when the player touches the connector.

Steel Block

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GIGA WRECKER An indestructible block.
It can be turned over by hitting the block or riding on it.

Gear Switch

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GIGA WRECKER It is a switch that activated when meshed with another rotating gear.

Gun Turret

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GIGA WRECKER It is a turret that fires bullets at regular intervals.
There are turrets that have a fixed firing direction, and turrets that spins in a circle.
It is a trap that only deals damage to the player

Thorn and Hole

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GIGA WRECKER It is an instant death trap.
If you touch this trap you will be redone regardless of HP.

Electric Switch

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GIGA WRECKER It is a switch that activates when it contacts with the Electrode Panel for a certain time.
It will not activate with just touching for a instant.

Electrode Panel

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GIGA WRECKER It is attached to destructible terrain and needs to be carried to Electric Switch
Be wary since this can be destroyed with attacks, Beam Cannon, and Circle Saw.


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GIGA WRECKER With the fluffy and floating nature, you can float terrain which is not fixed by gathering multiple gas.
Inflicts damage to player when touched.

Elastic Fluid

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GIGA WRECKER After pouring the fluid on the Debris Ball, the Debris Ball can be rolled after using Debris Lock.
A Debris Ball bathed in Elastic Fluid will bounce when touched.
Even if it the Debris Ball is quite heavy, it will bounce.

Singularity Point

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GIGA WRECKER Resets the state of the floor.
The activated switches and the obtained Blueprint will not be reset.

Crystal Converter

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GIGA WRECKER If you use the largest size Debris Lock near it, A large amount of Nano Crystal will come out from it.

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