GIGA WRECKER – Story Walkthrough ”Samsāra, Bloodsteel Arsenal (1)” Area | Gimmick commentary

It is a walkthrough page for “Samsāra, Bloodsteel Arsenal (1)” of GIGAWRECKER story area. We introduce various useful information such as area process and gimmick.

Story Chart (Storage)

Sattva : Eastern passageway (Video part1 00:00~)

Put the Debris Lock on the left to advance at the seesaw-like portion. Similarly, go to left and press the door control panel for the latter part of the gimmick. Once the door control panel is pressed, advance to the right warp.

Samsāra : Storage A-00 (Video part1 02:02~)

At the place where there is a green pendulum block, press the right button by destroying the grey block that is stuck. When you go back, destroy the right side of the green block in order to lean it leftward. (02:46~)

Samsāra : Storage A-01 (Video part1 03:19~)

Beat the red bounding enemy by throwing them into the circle blade trap.
Be careful not to touch the wriggling component that appears after destroying the red bounding enemy because it’s harmful.
For the Crystal Converter, nanocrystal can be obtained by putting relatively big Debris Lock next to the device.
Touch the upper left button in order to enter into the right door.

Samsāra : Storage A-02 (Video part1 05:14~)

Investigate the terminal device in order to obtain “Debris Blade” of ARCHE ability.
When pillars block your way, cut them using the Debris Blade to advance.
When there are blocks on the both sides, go up the middle step first and cut the pillars on the right and left from inside using the Debris Blade.
If there is a circle blade at the bottom, jump on the foothold on the top, cut by the Debris Blade, and cross the area on the right before the foothold collapses.

Samsāra : Central Area (Video part1 06:34~)

Save the Beacon.
Avoid the enemies by jumping and go to the right. (It is also possible to crush them using the pillars)

Story Chart (Construction Zone B-00 ~ B-04)

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-00 (Video part2 00:00~)

Cut the iron rope to advance the needle floor.
For the second needle, break the front of the block and make it a pendulum to advance.
The door diverges into B-01 or B-03.
*It goes to B-01 on the video

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-01 (Video part2 00-48~)

When an enormous number of enemies appear, it’s possible to destroy them all using a debris with the size of two smallest enemies plus the enemy’s cutter part.

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-02 (Video part2 02:24~)

At the last part of the foothold with rope, break the front part and cut the right side of the rope.
Access to the terminal device and obtain “Pixel Blade” of ARCHE ability.

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-03 (Video part2 04:02~)

*The video shows after a movement from construction zone B-00 to B-03
At the circle blade, put the lock on the conveyor and break the block to cross.
Go up the lift on the side of a door, and then search for Door Control Panel which can be found on the top of the room of circle blade.

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-04 (Video part2 04:47~)

For the circle blade with prop, cut the rope and break the foothold to advance.
There is a Crystal Converter.

Story Chart (Construction Zone B-05 ~ B-10)

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-05 (Video part3 00:00~)

Climb up the high place with the lock attached to the the Elastic Fluid.
At the place where you can find two areas of Elastic Fluid, put a bigger lock attached to the Elastic Fluid, in the middle space. After that, cut the foothold by the Debris Blade and hook it to the top right of the foothold to make it like a slope and advance.
*There is a divergence from B-05 to B-06 and B-08, and the video shows where it goes B-06

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-06 (Video part3 02:01~)

Break the left side of the cross-block and the top and bottom of the block, and investigate the terminal device as well as Door Control Panel.
* A track record, “Clean Sweep” can be obtained at this place.

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-07 (Video part3 03:28~)

Throw the room of conveyor by pressing the right and left of the block using debris. Put the Elastic Fluid on the right block and throw it with an approach run.
There is a Crystal Converter.

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-08 (Video part3 05:53~)

In the room after crossing a door, ride on to the lock attached to Elastic Fluid and cut the rope of circle blade with prop.
Back of the circle blade also rides on the lock with Elastic Fluid.
After the lift, there is a Beacon.
From this moment, it is necessary to open five gate keys in order to go to B-09.

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-09 (Video part3 07:20~)

At the place where there are two Elastic Fluids, throw the Elastic Fluid lock to the L shaped hollow on the right and left, then lift it up from the bottom of a huge block.
Obtain “Pixel Lock” of ARCHE ability.

Samsāra : Construction Zone B-10 (Video part3 08:35~)

At the circle blade place with rope, cut the right rope and break the foothold to advance.
Foothold of circle blade with rope moves Reika along with the movement of the foothold, and gradually build momentum.
In the room of Door Control Panel, lift up the foothold with prop from the bottom and slant it to go to the Door Control Panel.
After going through the portal, it goes to boss “Astra Vinatā (1)”

Samsāra, Bloodsteel Arsenal (1) Walkthrough Video


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