Touhou Tips and Strategy – Things to Know Before Beginning a Shooter

This page will be listing the things to remember when playing a shooter game. By acquiring these knowledge you will be able to enjoy many shooter games. A lot of the things do need practice, but if you are new to shooter games this page will surely help you.

Feelings first

It might seem impossible to dodge all the colorful flashy bullets, and you might end up thinking that shooter games is a hardcore genre that require reflex nerve to dodge shots. But all of that is not true, and by understanding how to play a shooter it becomes much easier and more enjoyable. You must first get rid of your prejudice against shooters.

Don’t go against bullets

This tip might be denying the whole shooter genre, but there is no need to go against bullets until you get used to shooters. A lot of shooter games have some kind of method to protect the player from bullets, and that’s what you need to use. For example, most shooters can usually erase enemy shots with bombs. Bullet dodging is a skill required after you are ran out of these kind of methods. A Shooter game that has multiple ways to protect the user from bullets does not require bullet dodging at all.

Defeating Enemies

The purpose of shooting games is to enjoy defeating enemies. Often times shooters are referred to as dodging game, but that is not true. You have to figure out how to defeat enemies, and dodging is simple just one way of doing so. You can beat a shooter with perfect dodging, but this can only be done by the pro players, so people who are new to shooters don’t have to worry about it. The essence of a shooter is to defeat a enemy before it defeats you.

Reflex nerve is unnecessary

There’s only a very few occasions when a acute reflex nerve is necessary in a shooter game. Whats necessary when playing a shooter game is to play patiently, remember meta, and the skill to build a safe pattern.

Actual Playing

Read the manual

The first thing you have to remember when playing a game is to know how to defend yourself. You’ll most like end up being crushed by the bullets without knowing how to defend, therefore quickly looking through the manuals is recommended. It’s difficult to remember everything at once, so it would be best to remember one thing, use it, then read the manuals again and repeat till you master all the useful methods.

Use bombs

once you have learned how to use bombs, use them until you run of it. A mistake beginners usually make is dying with bombs left. Though most bombs in game have a limit to the number of times it can be used, the character in game usually spawns with few bombs. So if you die without using the bombs they will become a waste. To prevent situations where you would have survived if you used a bomb, or when you thing its impossible or dangerous, use those bombs before it’s too late.

Dodging bullets

Methods of defending yourself is limited in some kind of way, and there will be situations where bullet dodging is required. It may seem impossible to dodge bullets at first, but you will eventually get used to it. Once you do get the hang of it, bullet dodging might become a option than to use bombs, and that’s evidence of you getting good at shooting games. The list below will help you in bullet dodging, and the bullets shot by the enemy are parted into 3 types.

Aimed Bullets

Aimed bullets are bullet that fly towards the players position, and will hit you unless you move. In other words, it easy to tell where the bullet will be headed. There are 2 types of aimed bullets which are called odd-way bullets and even-way bullets.

Odd-way bullets

Odd-way bullets is a odd number of bullets shot in a line. The bullet in the middle will be aiming for your exact position. When the bullets density is high, move greatly to dodge all of the bullets. When density is low, you can usually back up and move in between the bullets.

Even-way bullets

Even-way bullets is a even number of bullets shot in a line. These bullets will not fly towards your position, and will not hit you unless you move. It is usually shot with other bullets to limit the players movement.

Fixed Pattern Bullets

Fixed pattern bullets are bullets that is always shot with a fixed shape. There are 3 variations of it which are full fixed pattern bullets, player position based fixed pattern bullets, and boss position based fixed pattern bullets. It is important to indicate which fixed pattern bullet is being shot. The basic countermeasure against these shots are to remember the shape, and move to a safe zone.

Random barrage

Random barrage are bullets that are shot irregularly. Because they are never fired in the same pattern, you will need some skill to dodge them. These bullets will prevent you from building a safe pattern, so if you have trouble dodging them saving a bomb to use against it is always an option.

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