Touhou 16 – Introduction of Aunn Komano character・Spell Card

It is an introduction about the 3rd stage boss, Aunn Komano, which is a new character in Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons, and it also introduces the spell card that she uses.

Aunn Komano

Touhou 16 Aunn Komano

Another Name The Guardian Beast Devoted to Shintoism and Buddhism
Species Komainu (shrine guardian dog statues)
Ability Locating Shintoism and Buddhism

A komainu which has two personalities of komainu and lion.
If she finds places where seem to gather the human faith, she freeloads on them and protect it arbitrarily.
Aunn also protected Hakurei shrine before Reimu knews it. A member of Hakurei shrine is added.
Since she is very sensitive, she sensed that something important is hidden in the Gensokyo from the power that she gained due to the unusual happening that occurred this time.

Spell Card

No. The First Spell Difficulty
23 Dog Sign “Stray Dog’s Walk” Easy
24 Dog Sign “Stray Dog’s Walk” Normal
25 Hound Sign “Mountain Hound’s Walk” Hard
26 Hound Sign “Mountain Hound’s Walk” Lunatic
No. The Second Spell Difficulty
27 Spinning Top “Koma-Inu Spin” Easy
28 Spinning Top “Koma-Inu Spin” Normal
29 ButterSpinning Top “Koma-Inu Spin” Hard
29 Spinning Top “Curl Up And Die” Lunatic
No. The Third Spell Difficulty
31 Koma Sign “Solitary A-Um Breathing” Easy
32 Koma Sign “Solitary A-Um Breathing” Normal
33 Koma Sign “Solitary A-Um Breathing” Hard
34 Koma Sign “Solitary A-Um Breathing” Lunatic

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