Touhou 16 – Introduction of Aya Shameimaru character・Performance・Spell Card

It is an introduction about Aya Shameimaru which is one of the protagonists in Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. It also explains the performances of shot and spell card in the game.

Aya Shameimaru

東方 射命丸文

Another Name The Tengu who Scatters Autumn Leaves
Species Crow Tengu
Ability Manipulation of wind

A newspaper reporter of tengu who lives in the mountain of ghost. She doesn’t use a camera this time.
She reports everywhere, which allows her to notice about the unusual happenings quickly.
Aya Shameimaru starts to investigate the accident since there seems to be something to consider about.

Character Performance

She equips Autumn for the main season.
There is no shooting performance, which should be mentioned specially, but she has a strong spell card.
Since her collection ability of Season Item is high using the spell card, she can use the Season Release many times depending on the way she uses it.
If you fully use the power, it is possible to get a very high score.

Main Season

東方 射命丸ショット
Option Name: Crazy Fall Wind
During the high-speed transfer, it shoots a bullet which spreads like a fan from the option in front of Shameimaru.
The attack range and the power of the shots are fairly well.
During the low-speed transfer, it fires a wide penetrating bullet.
Shooting the harder enemies, it can attack the reinforcements from the back as well.

Spell Card

東方 季節アイテム稼ぎ
Spell Name: Wind Sign “Tengu Rainstorm Gust”
It causes the attack judgement to occur, which stretches vertically centering the Shameimaru.
Even though the power of the spell itself is not high, the comprehensive caloric force is quite high since it can fire the shots while the spell is activated.
The effective time is long, and if it hits the boss, you can obtain a collective number of Season Items.
The range is narrower comparing to the other spells, but if you take it the opposite way, you can collect even more Season Items.
There is a way to earn, which is that you dare to activate the spell trying not to hit the enemy, and throw yourself into the enemy using the invincible time of the spell to graze.
It is a spell that makes us expect that it can be better or worse depending on how you use it.

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