Touhou 16 – Basic strategy・Manoeuvre・Knack for walkthrough

It introduces the basic strategy of Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. It explains some knacks to clear the all six stages with no continue, how to fight, and the way to earn the minimum score.

To tell it briefly

The summary of this article is below since it’s fairly long.

  • Collect the season gauge by bombing on the road where there are many enemies and shots.
  • For the boss battle, attack quickly and gain scores by Season Release, if not, use the bomb.

These two points are very important in this article.
This is the game in which the player should use the spell and Season Release ably.

The base of Touhou16 is resource management

You can use Spell card (Spell) and Season Release as a means of protecting yourself from the enemy’s shot in this game.
The number of shots is decided, and you must collect items to save the gauge to use them, thus those means are not infinitely usable.
However, there is a way to increase the number that can be used for both. The Spell helps the number of Season Release to increase, and Season Release can help the number of spell to increase.
By using these two systems properly, you can eliminate more enemy shots, meaning the game is proceeded more safely.
As a result, the management of Spell and Season gauge is the most important thing to do in this game.

How to increase the Spell

As a premise, remember that you can use three Spells unconditionally for each Life Stock.
In other words, if the number of Life Stocks increases, the Spell also increases accordingly.
In order to increase the number of Life Stocks in this game, you should gain the score, or obtain the 1up item which appears with a condition.
You might think score gaining requires high level of play, but it is not difficult to gain enough score to increase the Life Stock if you learn how to use the Spell and Season Release.
Assuming that the difficulty is same as the former series, you can Extend once per stage.
For the 1up item, it appears if you could beat the mini boss in the 3rd stage, making no mistake without using any Spell.
The detail is explained in another article, but since it is impossible to eliminate the shot with Spell, you should utilise Season Release to beat the boss.

Also, the number of Spell itself can be increased by collecting the Spell items or fragments of a Spell.
While you can obtain Spell item naturally if you just play the game, there is a condition to obtain the fragments of a Spell.
The condition is to bear the barrage that the boss started, making no mistakes without using any Spell.
Similar to the 1up item, you cannot eliminate the shot using Spell here again, so that the Season Release has to be used to eliminate the enemy’s shot.

Above is the way to increase the number of Life Stocks and Spell, so the usage of Season Release is very important all the time.
Therefore, if you improve the way to use the Season Release, you can shoot more Spells.

How to save the season gauge

Season gauge has to be saved in order to use Season Release.
The way to make Season Item appear to save the season gauge is below.

  • Beat the enemy
  • Turn into the enemy’s shot (Graze)
  • Eliminate the enemy’s shot

Players have a means of implementing all of them at once, which is Spell card.
For the enemies, which appears on the road, you can beat them by an attack using the Spell.
Also, faster you beat the enemy when they appear, the greater the amount of Season Item that appears.
The place where a lot of enemies appear is the best point to use the Spell because if you keep shooting the Spell, it attacks the enemy as soon as they appear.
Coming out a lot of enemies also means the number of enemy’s shot increases, thus you can obtain even more Season Item.
Moreover, you can also graze the remaining Spell by using invincible time, even though you have to aim it for the implementation.
There may be some chance to aim with Cirno or Shameimaru, which can keep the player apart from the effective range.
When these elements are combined together, you can save around 2 or 3 items even if the season gauge is empty.

Example of Season Item earnings
東方 季節アイテム稼ぎ
Eliminate the shot on the left side of the screen by the Spell, and graze at a stretch by dashing into the enemy on the right using the invincible time.

In other words, you can prepare for Season Release easily by only using the Spell at the proper place.

The best occasion to use Spell and Season Release

When to use the Spell

  • Place where many enemies appear
  • Place where there is an enemy which shoots a large quantity of bullets
  • Simply, at the barrage you are not good

Since you cannot obtain the fragments of a Spell if you use the Spell during the boss battle, we recommend you to basically use it on the road.
Surely, it is the priority not to get shot, so there is no problem to use it when you are running out of season gauge or when it’s difficult to avoid the shots in the barrage.
As the boss comes out on the latter stage, the number of times the barrage is released increases, thus you might have to use the Spell in order to save the season gauge.
Therefore, you should build your own pattern to nicely use it.

When to use Season Release

  • Barrage with full of bullets on the screen (Spring)
  • Barrage in which a lot of bullets are shot from the enemy character
  • Mini boss at the 3rd stage

If the sub season is Spring, the best time to use it is when there are many bullets on the screen.
The effective time is short while the effect range is wide, thus it is difficult to eliminate the shots that come successively.
For the other sub seasons, the aim is to eliminate all the bullets that are shot by using the Season Release as sticking into the enemy characters.
Using this method, since you can eliminate all the bullets within the effective time of Season Release, you can expect a considerable amount of increase in the score, and also the time to stay safe can be extended.
However, it is difficult to beat the enemy once they start shooting because you have to approach the enemy in order to succeed this method.
Decided to use it in advance, secure the position while the enemy is defenseless, preparing the barrage, and start shooting.
For the Mini boss of the 3rd stage, it depends on the acquisition of 1up item, thus practice to be ready to beat them.
For the first half of the 3rd stage, build a pattern as thinking that it’s a preparation to use Season Release in the mini boss battle.

Things you want to do if you can afford

For those players who want to extend the score or save the season gauge more quickly, there are some ways below.

  • Obtain the items on the upper part of the screen
  • Memorize the position of the enemies and defeat them quickly
  • Graze more actively

Since these actions can usually be dangerous, the beginners don’t have to force yourself to use it.
However, it is a good idea to know about this for the level up afterwards.

Collection of items on the top

If you are able to do this, there are some merits such as that you can save Season gauge faster as the loss of item acquisition will decrease, and also the score item can be obtained with maximum score.
The enemies usually come out from the top of the screen, thus if you try to do this before getting accustomed to it, you will definitely be in trouble.
Play this for a couple of times and look for the best timing to collect the items.

Quick Attack

Maintain a place in advance near the position where the enemies appear, and beat them as soon as they appear.
Regarding this, if you have enough power to beat the enemy before grasping the place and getting shot, it rather becomes safer.
It has a great merit, for example, faster the defeat, greater the number of the Season Items, and also the battle happens at the top of the screen most of the time, thus the item collection can be done collectively.
We recommend the players be able to do this for clearing as well.


Aiming by yourself is very dangerous. If you think Easy or Normal clear are important, you can forget about this.
If you still intend to aim for it, you should aim for those that are easy to avoid first such as aimed bullets.

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