Touhou 16 - Stage 1 Boss・Walkthrough of Etanity Larva | Normal Barrage・How to deal with Spell Card (Easy Mode)

It is walkthrough for the Stage 1 Boss・Etanity Larva in Touhou 16. We describe the easy mode in order to make it simpler for the beginners. It introduces each kind of ordinary barrage that boss uses and the way to deal with spell card.

Stage 1 Boss・Etanity Larva

Normal Barrage 1

It is a combination of the green player position based fixed pattern bullets and the blue bullets which are shot towards the bottom from the random positions.
The green fixed bullets do not hurt you if you stay right in front of the boss like in the Mini Boss battle.
What you have to be aware of is the blue random bullets.
Look slightly front of the player and move to the sides a little only when the shots, that seem to damage you, come.
For these shots, you can judge whether it will hit you or not by checking the player’s shot.
Touhou 16 boss02
※1:Since a player is right under the shot, you can see most of the position.
Therefore, it is obvious that this bullet has to be avoided.

※2:You do not have to avoid this.

Spell Card 1: Butterfly Sign “Minute Scales”

It is a barrage which has the greater number of bullets and frequency of shooting compared to the previous ordinary barrage.
The way to deal with this is the same.
Since the number of bullets is large, it is the best time to score up using Season Release.
If you are confident with avoiding the barrage afterwards, use the Season Release here.

Normal Barrage 2

It is a barrage which is like changing the random bullets of normal barrage 1 into the aimed bullets.
Since the number of aimed bullets is not much, just avoid those shots as saving a spot in front of the boss.
Do not transfer up and down thoughtlessly, but try to settle down by the transfer to the left and right.

Spell Card 2: Butterfly Sign “Fluttering Summer”

Centering the boss, the bullets come as making a change of direction diagonally downwards after scattering the bullets around.
It is dangerous to avoid the shots right in front of the boss where the bullets from the right and left cross.
Around the sides of the screen where there is a big space, you can avoid the bullets from the left and right separately.
Since the aimed bullets are also sometimes shot, don’t focus on the crossing bullets too much.
If you are worried, do not use the Season Release for Spell Card 1, and use it here instead.
Touhou 16 boss01
※3:The spot where bullets cross is dangerous since it’s easy to misread the trajectory.
※4:Avoid it at where there is a big space near the side of the screen.

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