Touhou 16 – Introduction of Cirno character・Performance・Spell Card

It is an introduction about Cirno which is one of the protagonists in Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. It also explains the performances of shot and spell card in the game.


Touhou 16  Cirno with a Tan

Another Name Unmelting Ice Fairy Under the Blazing Skies
Species Fairy
Ability Manipulating cold

An ice fairy which hangs out around the lake.
The series fans may have a lot to say like “Why are you the main character!” “Can she bear the hotness?” “Do fairies get tanned!?” However, she still participates in this game.
Since the hotness somehow does not bother her anymore though she is an ice fairy, she is in the emotionally invincible state.
The reason why she is concerned in this unusual happening is probably because she got involved by accident when she passes by.

Character Performance

She equips Summer for the main season.
The main characteristic is the spreading shots with the wide attack range.
Even though she can wipe out the enemies by the overwhelming number of shots on the road, the power of those shots is low, thus she may not be useful for the boss battle.
It will be the key to know how to shoot as many bullets as possible to the enemy.
The power of the spell is average, but the shooting range is shorter, which forces you to approach the enemy in order to beat them.
This character is effective if you can involve the spell and Season Release nicely.

Main Season

Touhou 16  Cirno's shot
Option name: Perfect Summer Ice
It scatters the bullets inconstantly from the option in front of Cirno.
Going down to the bottom of the screen, the attack range is wide as it can cover most of the screen.
As a matter of course, it is difficult to beat the strong enemy unless you approach them and shoot as many shots as possible because the power of the each shot is weak.
Remember that it’s essential to be aware of the approach battle all the time.
The bullets are settled during the low-speed transfer, but in spite of this fact, the bullets spread out to the wide range.

Spell Card

Touhou 16 Cirno's spell
Spell Name: Sign “Cool Sunflower”
Centering the position where it’s activated, it attacks by the huge rotating iced flower.
The attack might not reach the enemy if you use it at the bottom of the screen, thus decide the appropriate place to use it, and shoot as taking a step forward.
You can continue shooting while it’s activated, therefore, aim at giving the damage by the spell as well as by shooting using the invincible time.

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