Touhou 16 – Introduction of Etanity Larva character・Spell Card

It is an introduction about the 1st stage boss, Etanity Larva, which is a new character in Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons, and the spell card that she uses.

Etanity Larva

Touhou 16 EternityLarva

Another Name The Butterfly Fairy who Approaches God
Species Fairy
Ability Scattering scales

A swallowtail fairy.
Similar to Cirno, she has more power than usual due to some force.
From the character introduction of giveaway text which is attached to the software, a surprising fact was found out that Power Up Item has to be brought with you even when you go out.
She emits a smelly scent and a shot from the touch when she senses the danger like an insect.

Spell Card

No. The First Spell Difficulty
1 Butterfly Sign “Minute Scales” Easy
2 Butterfly Sign “Minute Scales” Normal
3 Butterfly Sign “Swallowtail’s Scales” Hard
4 Butterfly Sign “Swallowtail’s Scales” Lunatic
No. The Second Spell Difficulty
5 Butterfly Sign “Fluttering Summer” Easy
6 Butterfly Sign “Fluttering Summer” Normal
7 Butterfly Sign “Midsummer Wingbeats” Hard
8 Butterfly Sign “Midsummer Wingbeats” Lunatic

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