Touhou 16 – Introduction of Marisa Kirisame character・Performance・Spell Card

It is an introduction about Marisa Kirisame which is one of the protagonists in Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. It also explains the performances of shot and spell card in the game.

Marisa Kirisame

Touhou16 Marisa Kirisame

Another Name Magician Shivering in the Arctic Cold
Species Human
Ability Using magic

A normal witch who lives in the magical forest. She has an addiction to the collection.
She frequently goes to the Hakurei shrine and pokes her nose into the unusual happenings.

Character Performance

She equips Winter for the main season.
She has some features that the speed of quick transfer is faster, and upper item collection can be done at the slightly lower position.
She is very strong if she could maintain the front area of the enemy since the power of her shot is high, thus she is rather good at boss battle.
On the other hand, she might struggle on the road because the attack range is narrow. This character is recommended for those players who can make the patterns properly.
Since the Extend is involved in the score for this game, the fact, that it’s easy to collect the items using this character, is very advantageous for the clear-oriented play.

Main Season

Touhou16 Marisa's shot
Option Name: Extreme Winter
It shoots the lasers from the options which is placed around the player.
The speed of the shot is fast, and it reaches to the long distance in an instant.
The elevation slants a little when the Power is greater than 2.0.
During the low-speed transfer, options are gathered densely and all the lasers turn right overhead.
The caloric force is not affected by the distance as the shots do not spread out, therefore the damage can be stable when you avoid the shots at the bottom of the screen.

Spell Card

Touhou16 marisa's spell
Spell Name: Love Sign “Master Spark Frozen”
A new variation of Master Spark which increased yet again. Performance is same as usual.
It is a spell which shoots a very thick beam, and the power is considerably higher.
The elevation can be changed slightly by swinging it to the right and left.
The transfer speed of Marisa slows down when it’s activated, thus, be careful not to fail shootings.

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