Touhou 16 – Introduction of Narumi Yatadera character・Spell Card

It is an introduction about the 4th stage boss, Narumi Yatadera, which is a new character in Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons, and it also introduces the spell card that she uses.

Narumi Yatadera

Touhou 16 Narumi Yatadera

Another Name Magical Jizo who Manifested in the Forest
Species Magician (animated Jizo statue
Ability Capable of using magic (control of living things)

Jizo, who was originally placed in a magic forest, gained life from the power of the forest and turned into an organism.
It seems that she will be troubled because of the snow, which is out of season, but since she is a homebody, it seems like she did not intend to investigate the accident this time.

She is sensitive to the magical power, thus she noticed about the abnormal power that was welling out of her back. Nevertheless, she did not think it was the power that caused the accident as she thought it was just the events of Phantasmagoria of Flower.
It was Narumi, who heard about the accident from Marisa and gave her a secret plan.

Incidentally, there is a magic power which changes the existence itself in the magic forest.
Narumi herself is originally a Jizo on the road, but not the Jizo Bosatsu(Kshitigarbha), therefore she is just a stone statue.
It’s just that a stone statue gained a life, thus it might be better to say it’s like a Golem.

Spell Card

No. The First Spell Difficulty
35 Magic Sign “Instant Bodhi” Easy
36 Magic Sign “Instant Bodhi” Normal
37 Magic Sign “Impromptu Bodhi” Hard
38 Magic Sign “Impromptu Bodhi” Lunatic
No. The Second Spell Difficulty
39 Magic Sign “Bullet Golem” Easy
40 Magic Sign “Bullet Golem” Normal
41 Magic Sign “Gigantic Pet Bullet Lifeform” Hard
42 Magic Sign “Gigantic Pet Bullet Lifeform” Lunatic
No. The Third Spell Difficulty
43 Jizo “Criminal Salvation” Easy
44 Jizo “Criminal Salvation” Normal
45 Jizo “Hellfire Salvation” Hard
46 Jizo “Hellfire Salvation” Lunatic

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