Touhou 16 – Introduction of Nemuno Sakata character・Spell Card

It is an introduction about the 2nd stage boss, Nemuno Sakata, which is a new character in Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons, and it also introduces the spell card that she uses.

Nemuno Sakata

東方 坂田ネムノ

Another Name The Mountain Hag who Surpasses This Floating World’s Barriers
Species Yamanba(mountain witch)
Ability Creating sanctuaries

A monster who lives in the monster mountain.
The mountain witch is a tribe who prefers independent action, thus Nemuno herself does not have any interest in the real world.
However, she does not hate the other people, thus she serves some tea if you visit her.
It seems interesting to know what the creating sacred place is, and what is there.

Spell Card

No. The First Spell Difficulty
9 Rain Sign “Captive Autumn Rain” Easy
10 Rain Sign “Captive Autumn Rain” Normal
11 Rain Sign “Cursed Torrential Rain” Hard
12 Rain Sign “Cursed Torrential Rain” Lunatic
No. The Second Spell Difficulty
13 Blade Sign “Yamanba’s Kitchen Knife Sharpening” Easy
14 Blade Sign “Yamanba’s Kitchen Knife Sharpening” Normal
15 Blade Sign “Yamanba’s Kitchen Knife Sharpening” Hard
16 Blade Sign “Yamanba’s Kitchen Knife Sharpening” Lunatic
No. The Third Spell Difficulty
17 Exhaust Sign “Mountain Murder” Easy
18 Exhaust Sign “Mountain Murder” Normal
19 Exhaust Sign “Bloody Mountain Murder” Hard
20 Exhaust Sign “Bloody Mountain Murder” Lunatic

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