Touhou 16 – Introduction of Okina Matara Character・Spell Card

It is an introduction about the 6th and extra stage boss, Okina Matara, which is the new characters in Touhou 16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons, and it also introduces the spell card that she uses.

Okina Matara

Touhou 16 Okina Matara

Another Name The Ultimate, Absolute Secret God
Species Secret God
Ability Creating doors on the back of anything

She is the ringleader of this accident. She is also a boss of the last stage as well as the extra stage in this work.
Goddess of secrets who lurks in the back of all things.
On her public self, she is a mother goddess, goddess of Noh play, goddess of stars, goddess of sericulture, goddess of obstacle, goddess of discriminated people and so on, but nobody knows about her real self.
She is an ultimate goddess of secrets that no one can see, hear, or speak about her true character.
However, she just does not hide behind even if she is a goddess of secret, so she sometimes appears extensively and emphasizes her presence.

Even though she says that this accident is to look for the successor of Satono and Mai, she is actually not troubled with the successor. It seems that she selfishly thinks about letting them keep working for her if she could not find any successors.

Her real aim was to be conspicuous, and implant her presence into the memory of people in Gensokyo, monsters, and sages.
Even though she failed to find the successor, she apparently accomplished the latter aim.

Also, she is one of the sages who created Gensokyo.
She is probably the second person who identifies herself officially as a sage, next to Yukari Yakumo.

She does not put up with those who treat her roughly, and she provides benefits for those who respect her.
She is very horrifying as an enemy, but also dependable as a friend, so she is very like a Japanese goddess, but also very selfish.

Spell Card (Stage 6)

No. The 1st Spell Difficulty
71 Back Sign “Halo of the Secret God” Easy
72 Back Sign “Halo of the Secret God” Normal
73 Back Sign “Halo of the Secret God” Hard
74 Back Sign “Halo of the Absolute Secret God” Lunatic
No. The 2nd Spell Difficulty
75 Hidden Summer “Scorch by Hot Summer” Easy
76 Hidden Summer “Scorch by Hot Summer” Normal
77 Hidden Summer “Scorched Earth of Abnormal Ferocious Heat” Hard
78 Hidden Summer “Scorched Earth of Abnormal Ferocious Heat” Lunatic
No. The 3rd Spell Difficulty
79 Hidden Fall “Die of Famine” Easy
80 Hidden Fall “Die of Famine” Normal
81 Hidden Fall “Starving Preta of Abnormal Blight” Hard
82 Hidden Fall “Starving Preta of Abnormal Blight” Lunatic
No. The 4th Spell Difficulty
83 Hidden Winter “Black Snowman” Easy
84 Hidden Winter “Black Snowman” Normal
85 Hidden Winter “Snowman of Abnormal Snowfall” Hard
86 Hidden Winter “Snowman of Abnormal Snowfall” Lunatic
No. The 5th Spell Difficulty
87 Hidden Spring “April Wizard” Easy
88 Hidden Spring “April Wizard” Normal
89 Hidden Spring “Sorcerer of Abnormal Falling Flowers” Hard
90 Hidden Spring “Sorcerer of Abnormal Falling Flowers” Lunatic
No. The 6th Spell Difficulty
91 Hidden Breezy Cherry Blossom Easy
92 Hidden Breezy Cherry Blossom Normal
93 Hidden Breezy Cherry Blossom Hard
94 Hidden Breezy Cherry Blossom Lunatic
No. The 7th Spell Difficulty
95 Hidden Perfect Summer Ice Easy
96 Hidden Perfect Summer Ice Normal
97 Hidden Perfect Summer Ice Hard
98 Hidden Perfect Summer Ice Lunatic
No. The 8th Spell Difficulty
99 Hidden Crazy Fall Wind Easy
100 Hidden Crazy Fall Wind Normal
101 Hidden Crazy Fall Wind Hard
102 Hidden Crazy Fall Wind Lunatic
No. The 9th Spell Difficulty
103 Hidden Extreme Winter Easy
104 Hidden Extreme Winter Normal
105 Hidden Extreme Winter Hard
106 Hidden Extreme Winter Lunatic

Spell Card (Extra Stage)

No. Spell Name
110 Secret Ceremony “Reverse Invoker”
111 Secret Ceremony “Rear Shots of Betrayal”
112 Secret Ceremony “Danmaku Dupion”
113 Secret Ceremony “Flames of the Impure”
114 Secret Ceremony “Kyōgen of the Back Door”
115 Secret Ceremony “Matarah Dukkha”
116 Secret Ceremony “Sword of Seven Stars”
117 Secret Ceremony “Performers Lacking Social Ties”
118 “The Back Face’s Dark Sarugaku”
119 “Anarchy Bullet Hell”

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