Touhou 16 – Summary of Controls・New System・Season Release

It explains the basic control methods as well as the system of Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. It introduces seasonal equipment and its combination, Season Item and Season Release which are unique points of this work. These are important for both the clear-oriented play and score-oriented play, thus keep in mind about the usage and its effect.

Controls (Keyboard)

Low Speed Movement Hold down Shift key and move
Shot & decision Z
Spell Card & Cancel X
Season Release C
Pause esc

When you play on the keyboard, this is the default setting.
When you use various game pads, you can change the setting from “Key Config” of “Option” on the title screen.


Player Character transfers towards the direction of the pressed key.
The speed of transfer is different from the each character.


touhou16 shot
This is the main way to attack in this game.
If you equip your machine as well as option, bullets are fired simultaneously from the option too.
Performance of shooting changes when moving at a high speed (left image) and moving at a low speed (right image).

Spell Card

touhou16 Reimu Spell
You use a Spell Card to attack a wide range.
In addition to an attack, Spell Card has various effects such as eliminating the enemy’s shot, becoming invincible for a regular time, and collecting all the items on the screen.
It can also make a Season Item to appear when you get rid of the shot of the enemy.
In exchange for the powerfulness, the number of usable cards is limited, thus the number of the remaining card is shown on the right side of the screen.
It is equivalent to a system called “Bomb” in a general shooting game, and in this walkthrough wiki, the Spell Card that is used by the player is also denoted as “Bomb”.


It activates “Season Release,” which is a characteristic system of this game.
It is available to use when you equip more than one option, and the availability will be shown as “Releasable” at the left bottom on the screen of season gauge.

Low Speed Transfer

While pressing a low speed movement button, the transfer speed of your machine will fall.
Precise movement is enabled, thus it is mainly used when avoiding the shot of the enemy.
This is called “Low Speed Movement,” and the situation when the low speed transfer button is not pressed is called “High Speed Movement”.
The hit determination is shown as “◯” during the Low Speed Transfer.

System Explanation

Seasonal Equipment

The player character fights as equipping two seasons.
The main season is decided for each character, so you use the specific shot and spell card associated with the season.
Apart from the main season, you can equip a sub season, so fire a shot associated with the season.
Overall, you should choose one person from four character with different power, and one option from the four kinds.
Check the detail here.

Season Release

It is activated when you equip more than one option and press the release button.
It is used to get rid of the enemy’s shot and extend the score.
Check the detail here.

Automatic Item Collection

If you move your character to the upper part of the screen, you can suck up all the items inside the screen and collect them.
The place above the “Item Get Border Line!” which is shown when the game is started, is where you can collect the items automatically.
touhou16 automatic item
Comparing the upper part of the item collection line for each character, only Marisa can collect at the slightly lower position.
There is a limitation to get the items if you just go and get them directly, thus, utilize it when the timing is safe.
The items are also collected automatically when the Bomb or Season Release are used.


It is to turn into the enemy’s shot. When you graze the enemy’s shot, it makes a sound.
Touhou Project changes the system for every work, but it is a system that is implemented in most of the works in some form.
In this work, grazing causes a Season Item to appear.
If you dash into the area where there are many shots, seasonal gauge is increased at a stretch, thus it becomes essential for patterning of high difficulty and score gaining.
However, it is dangerous to approach the enemy shots, thus the beginners should not force to use this.

Gain a life (Extend)

The remaining life is increased by one.
It is caused by obtaining 1UP item, or gaining the score.
The Extend caused by the score gaining happens when you breakthrough 5,000,000 points, 10,000,000 points, 20,000,000 points, and 40,000,000 points.

Spell Card Bonus

It is a score bonus which can be gained when you breakthrough the spell card that the enemy uses by meeting the requirements below.

  • Breakthrough within the time limit
  • Do not get enemy shot
  • Do not use a Bomb
  • Do not Season Release when the sub season is spring

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