Touhou 16 – Recommended Characters・Sub Season

It introduces the most recommended characters when playing Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. It introduces both for beginners and experts as well as clear-oriented play and score-oriented play all together. Who are the strongest candidates within the combination of 16 equipments in this game!?

Recommended Character for beginners

Reimu Hakurei + Sub Season: Spring

Touhou16 Reimu Hakurei
The main character is absolutely recommended here.
It has some very useful features such as homing shot and the smallness of hit judgement so that the easiness of the usage is outstanding.
If you select Spring for the sub equipment, the number of homing shots increases even more which allows you to have more chance to give the damage to the enemy even if they escape frantically.
Season Release is used with a wide range and an invincibility, thus it can be a substitute for a Spell Card.
It is definitely recommendable to use Reimu with spring equipment until you get used to this game!

After you get accustomed to this game partly

Aya Shameimaru + Any Sub Season except Autumn

Touhou16 Aya Shameimaru
The superior Spell Card is very attractive.
Its power cannot be shown by using it randomly, but if you use it clearly and appropriately, you can obtain a high caloric force and also a collection power of Season Item.
Since the effectiveness of collecting the Season Item is important in this game, this performance can be outstanding for both the clear-oriented play and score-oriented play.
The caloric force of a shot and attack range are not bad, so this is the most outstanding character among the four protagonists overall.

For the sub season, you can choose one by your taste except Autumn.
If stability is important, choose Spring. If you want to use Season Release a lot, choose Summer and if you want the maximum caloric force, choose Winter.
It is difficult to come up with the effective usage for Autumn right now, but the usage might be found in the latter stage after the product version is released.

In this connection, the writer of this article favours Winter, which allows you to end the barrage in an instant and makes I feel good with an extending maximum score at a stretch.

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