Touhou 16 – Introduction of Satono Nishida & Mai Teireida Character・Spell Card

It is an introduction about the 5th stage bosses, Satono Nishida and Mai Teireida, which are the new characters in Touhou 16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons, and it also introduces the spell card that they use.

Satono Nishida & Mai Teireida

Touhou 16 Satono Nishida & Mai Teireida

Another Name All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers
Species Originally a human being
Ability Drawing out people’s mental energy by dancing behind them (Satono)
Drawing out people’s vitality by dancing behind them (Mai)

Their presence is for bringing out all the potential of everything. The assistants of Okina.
Even though they used to be the normal people, they are not human anymore due to the magic power of Okina.
The memories when they were still human are mostly gone, and they are dancing crazily and enjoyably.

Apparently, their personalities have not changed, thus Mai is very active though she is a careless person, and Satono seems overconfident although she is very careful.
They do not know the fact that the door on the back, which appeared because of this accident, is to look for the successor, because they only heard that it’s for adding the fellows.

It seems a little miserable, but their actions do not change even if they learn the truth as they can only think about working for Okina.
They work hard for Okina, but their ability is just one of the capabilities for Okina.

Spell Card (Stage 5)

No. The First Spell (Mai) Difficulty
47 Bamboo Sign “Bamboo Spear Dance” Easy
48 Bamboo Sign “Bamboo Spear Dance” Normal
49 Bamboo Sign “Bamboo Crazy Dance” Hard
50 Bamboo Sign “Bamboo Crazy Dance” Lunatic
No. The First Spell (Satono) Difficulty
51 Myōga Ginger “Forget Your Name” Easy
52 Myōga Ginger “Forget Your Name” Normal
53 Myōga Ginger “Forget Your Name” Hard
54 Myōga Ginger “Forget Your Name” Lunatic
No. The Second Spell (Mai) Difficulty
55 Broadleaf Sign “Tanabata Star Festival” Easy
56 Broadleaf Sign “Tanabata Star Festival” Normal
57 Broadleaf Sign “Tanabata Star Festival” Hard
58 Broadleaf Sign “Tanabata Star Festival” Lunatic
No. The Second Spell (Satono) Difficulty
59 Myōga Blessing “Behind You” Easy
60 Myōga Blessing “Behind You” Normal
61 Myōga Blessing “Behind You” Hard
62 Myōga Blessing “Behind You” Lunatic
No. The Third Spell Difficulty
63 Dance Sign “Behind Festival” Easy
64 Dance Sign “Behind Festival” Normal
65 Dance Sign “Behind Festival” Hard
66 Dance Sign “Behind Festival” Lunatic
No. The fourth Spell Difficulty
67 Mad Dance “Tengu-odoshi” Easy
68 Mad Dance “Tengu-odoshi” Normal
69 Mad Dance “Frenzied Tengu-Frightening” Hard
70 Mad Dance “Frenzied Tengu-Frightening” Lunatic

Spell Card (Extra Stage)

No. Spell Name
107 Drum Dance “Powerful Cheers”
108 Mad Dance “Crazy Back Dance”
109 Bullet Dance “Twin Typhoons”

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