Touhou 16 – Summary of Score Earning | Key Elements of Scoring・Way to Get the Highest Score

It is a summary about score earning for the Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. It introduces the elements to add the score, and the way to earn the score. In this work, the earned score is the condition to extend, so be conscious of earning the score even if your play is clear-oriented.

Elements for adding the score

Shooting of bullets

As you shoot the enemy, a little score is added. You do not have to specially focus on this.

Score Item

If you carry out the automatic collection, which happens when you transfer to the upper part of the screen, battle against the boss, use the bomb, or use the Season Release, the maximum score, shown on the right side of the screen is added.
For the other occasions, the score changes depending on the place where you pick up the item. The score decreases as you go down on the screen to get an item, but on the top, the score is halved from the maximum score.
The maximum score is added when you get the green item, and it can be increased up to 500,000 points.
The important point of score up, part 1.

Power Up Item

It usually has an effect which increases the power by 0.01, but if you get this item when the power is at the maximum, it is treated the same as score item.

Season Item

10 points per one item.

Season Release

It looks like the score is added when you eliminate the enemy’s shot by Season Release.
Probably, 1/10 of score item’s maximum score is added per one shot eliminated. (We are under the inspection, and are waiting for your opinions).
The important point of score up, part 2.

Spell Card Bonus

It is a score that you can receive when you defeat the enemy’s spell card with no mistake and no bomb within the time limit.
The score decreases as the time passes, so you can get more score by defeating the emery quickly.
The starting score is laid down for the each spell card.

Clear bonus

The score that is added when a stage is cleared.
The amount of score is the same for all the difficulty level, and 1,000,000 x number of stages becomes the score. The number of EXTRA stages is treated as 7.

All Clear Bonus

The bonus is decided depending on the number of Life Stocks and bombs which remained at the end. The number of spell fragments is not included in the score.
The amount of score is the same for all the difficulty level, which is Life Stock x 5,000,000 points + Bomb x 1,000,000 points.


One score per one Continue.
It is the only element which changes the last position of a figure, thus you can see at a glance whether you Continued or not if you look at the score.
It will not be obvious if you Continue ten times.

How To to Get the Highest Score

At any rate, eliminate the enemy’s shot by Season Release. The key to score up will be how fast you increase the maximum score of the score item. Build a pattern to be able to use Season Release at the place where there are many shots of the enemies. Even though it is not written in the manual, the action of eliminating the enemy’s shot by Season Release leads to the score. Therefore, even if the maximum score is counter-stopped, keep eliminating the enemy’s shot by Season Release. When there are many enemy’s shots, you can earn a million unit of score by one Season Release.

For the score earning of higher difficulty level, the Autumn is recommended for the sub season. Using the long effective time and the high-speed transfer, you can move around as eliminating the bullets on the screen, and use the Season Release repeatedly as collecting the gauge immediately that is used. While the usage of Autumn is difficult which is not recommended for beginners, it is the most suitable sub season to aim for the high score.

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