Touhou 16 – Summary of Season | Seasonal equipment・Season Release

It explains about the Season system in the new system of Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. It introduces each season, effect and performance of Season Release, and skillful usage. These are important for both the clear-oriented play and score-oriented play, thus select the one that suits your play style and challenge the game.

Seasonal equipment

When you start the game, equip the fixed character of the main season and choose a sub season that supports the character.
There are four kinds for the sub season, which are spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
Each of the four sub seasons has a performance that slightly weakens the main season of the player character.
The power of the sub season is set differently to the power of the character, and it is shown at the seasonal gauge on the left bottom of the screen.
Starting from the option number 0, the gauge is saved as collecting the Seasonal Item, and the number of option increases by one when the gauge is fulfilled.
You can equip up to 6 at maximum by saving the gauge.
If you use the Season Release that’s mentioned later, the option is consumed. However, being shot does not make the gauge to decrease.


It shoots a homing bullet like a Reimu shot.
The ability of successive shooting or chasing is fairly well, but the power is weak.
It automatically heads to the enemy, thus it is useful on the way for speedy defeat of the enemy which has lower durability.
In the boss battle, the attack is effective even if you are not in front of the boss, thus you can focus on avoiding.
However, the caloric force is weak, which makes the battle to take a long time.
You can easily activate the performance, so it is usable for the beginners as well.


It shoots a diffusible bullet like Cirno.
The largest attack range is its main characteristic among the all shots. It is useful to defeat all the weak enemies on the way.
The power of the each shot is weak, thus it is difficult to defeat the enemy with high durability.
Approaching the enemy and hitting many shots forms a relatively strong caloric force, so how to approach the enemy would be important for the boss battle.


It shoots a straight bullet like Shameimaru.
As the number of option increases, the option is attached at the position which strengthens the defense.
However, because of the position of the option, if you occupy the front area to defeat the weak enemies with high durability, the shot from the option on the right and left does not hit the enemy.
The power is not too bad, but it is not suitable for speedy attack, thus it is difficult to decide when to use this shot.
On the other hand, you can also think this way that this shot can give some damage in spite of giving up to maintain the front area.
It is a number one shot that you want to ask an opinion to the expert player.


It shoots a laser like Marisa.
All the options are placed at the back of your Character, so the attack range is the narrowest among the all shots.
Instead, it can centralise the caloric force clearly, thus it can show a strong power stably if you can maintain the front of the enemy.
Since the attack range is narrow, it is useful when you do not want to randomly defeat the enemy.
It is suitable when you want to shoot a bullet, defeating as little enemy as possible, and gain the graze.

The Dog Days

Touhou 16 The Dog Days shot
It shoots the slightly spread shots successively towards the back of the player.
It has a strong merit that it can attack the back of the player, where the other sub seasons cannot reach, but its demerit is that the caloric force in front does not increase at all even if the season level increases.
For the EXTRA stage, it is forced to use the sub season, so create a pattern to be able to use the performance fully, which is strong at the back of the player.
Just to make sure, it is possible to shoot the back as shooting the front if you approach the enemy as close as you can touch them. This is a technique called “Bottom Shot” which you do not lose anything even if you remember this.

Season Release

If you activate the Season Release, all the seasonal gauges are consumed (except summer) and a circle attack determination emerges around the your machine at that moment.
There is a difference in the performance of Season Release depending on the equipped sub season, and the usage differs significantly.
The effects of Season Release that are common among the sub seasons are below.

  • Getting rid of the enemy’s bullet within the attack judgement
  • Season Item and green item appear according to the number of disappeared bullets and collect them automatically
  • All the items on the screen are collected at the moment of activating it
  • The greater the number of options consumed, the greater the effect

The main usage is to deal with bad barrage and aim for a big increase in score by using the points where bullets gather a lot.
The green item, that increases the maximum point of score item, appears only by the Season Release, so the usage of the Season Release links directly to the score.
Since a lot of Seasonal Items come out by getting rid of as many bullets of the enemy as possible, it can also be used consistently if you use it at the point where many bullets can be eliminated.


Touhou16 Season Release spring

The picture on the left shows the consumption of one option, and the one on the right shows the six consumptions of release.
It has a wider effective range compared to the other Season Release.
Expansion of the effective range is particularly noticeable when the number of options increases, and the maximum level of Season Release covers almost all of the screen.
Because the effective range is wide, you can eliminate many bullets at once and score up.
Although the effective range is wide, there is a disadvantage that the duration of the effect is short, so it is not good at barrages that keep shooting continuously.
The point that differs from the other Season Release is that it can become invincible after the release.
For this reason, it shows a great effect when you use it to avoid any trouble.
However, you cannot obtain a Spell Card Bonus only if you release spring in the middle of the enemy’s spell card.


Touhou16 Season Release Summer

The picture on the left shows the release of one option, and the one on the right shows the release of six options.
The Season Release of summer has a characteristic that only one option is consumed when it’s released.
Because of this, you can use the Season Release multiple times consistently, thus it is strong against the barrage which shoots fairly large bullets intermittently.
Also, consuming only one option means that it can maintain caloric force.
For the weakness, it has a narrower effective range, its effect time is short, and there is almost no increase in the effectiveness even if it levels up.
It might be most suitable for the play style that Season Release is used to avoid the troubles instead of aiming at a specific target.


Touhou16 Season Release Autumn

The picture on the left shows the consumption of one option, and the one on the right shows the release of six options consumed.
While the other Season Release stay at where they are released, the effective range for the Season Release of autumn is around player Character all the time.
You can imagine making a barrier around player Character for a while. For those people who have experienced the former games, small version of Shameimaru bomb of Subterranean Animism is similar to this.
Also, the speed of speedy transfer of player Character would be faster while the release.
Combining all the characteristics, you can move around and eliminate the enemy’s shot inside the screen once the Season Release is used.
There is no special demerit, but since you get beaten if you attack the enemy though you can eliminate their shots, it has a risk that there is a high chance of an accident if you cannot control faster transfer speed.
Moreover, the effective range becomes smaller gradually as time passes.
Checking the size of the range, judge the remaining effect time and go back to the safe position before the effect expires.


Touhou16 Season Release Winter

The picture on the left shows the consumption of one option, and the one on the right shows the release of six options consumed.
Season Release of Winter has longer effect time compared to the other Season Release, so it’s suitable to get through the barrage with successive shots.
When it reaches the maximum level, the effect time continues for a very long time, and the effective range is fairly large too.
It is the boss battle that this Season Release shows the greatest effect, so once it’s released to the boss, it can eliminate a tremendous number of bullets and collect the green items at a stretch.
Also, the power of the shot increases, so that if you shoot it when the level of the release is at a maximum, the stamina of the enemy is absorbed in an instant even if it’s the boss.
Even in score earning play style, which increases the score with the largest green item collecting ability, or even in a clear-oriented play that ends a weak barrack in an instant, there is a use for both.
Either way of using it, the firm ability to assess the usage is particularly required.

The Dog Days

<img src=”×150.jpg” alt=”Touhou 16 Season Release The Dog Days width=”150″ height=”150″ class=”alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-44797″ />
The performance is like the subspecies of the Summer.
Similar to the Summer, it has some performance, such as that it consumes only one option when it releases, the effective range is narrow, effective time is short, and there is almost no increase in the effect even if the level increases.
The different point is that the effective range transfers a little over time. Right after the release, the attack range appears around the player, and after a while, the range becomes smaller and transfers backwards.
It can be a merit since it’s specialized at the back, but if you think the time for protecting the player is too short, it also can be a demerit.

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