Touhou 16 – Spell Practice | Spell Acquisition・Spell Card Bonus

It introduces about the Spell Practice of Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. You can practice the optional spell cards which you have seen in the main part of the game. Try practicing meticulously in order to be able to obtain all the spell cards.

Spell Practice Mode

Touhou 16 Spell practice

If you choose “Spell Practice” on the main menu, you can practice the spell card.
Spell cards are divided into each stage, and only the spell cards that you have seen in the main part of this game are shown. Even if the name of the card is the same, it is treated as a non-identical card if the difficulty level is different.
For the each spell card and each character, the number of challenges, the number of achievements, and the number of accomplishments within the main part of the game are shown.

Once you choose the spell card, play character, and sub season, the challenge begins.
In the beginning of the challenge, it starts with 0 Life Stock, 0 possessed spell, and 3 season gauge. To accomplish the Spell Card Bonus, the timing to use the Season Release will be very important.

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