Touhou 16 – Walk-through of Stage 1 on the road | Enemy・How to deal with Mini boss (Easy Mode)

It is a walk-through of the 1st stage on the road. It explains about the Easy Mode to make the begginers be able to clear. It also introduces the way to defeat the enemy and Mini Boss, timing of item collection, and usage of Spell Card as well as Season Release.

Course of the Road

The Opening ~ Blue Medium Fairy

Since the enemy does not shoot the bullets here, go in front and aim for quick defeat and automatic item collection.
Be careful not to hit against the enemy.

Green Medium Fairy + Small Fairy

Little hard fairy starts shooting the bullet, so do not force yourself to move towards the front.
Aim for the hard fairy and defeat them by low-speed shots.
Since the low-speed shot penetrates, defeat the small fairy too.
Two hard fairies appear simultaneously at the end.
After defeating them, go to the front to collect the item and prepare for the Mini Boss.

Mini Boss Etanity Larva

The barrage is the player position based fixed pattern bullets.
It does not hit you if you stay right in front of the Mini Boss, so stay there all the time.
After defeating the Mini Boss, carry out the upper item collection.
You can obtain one fragment of the spell if you do not get hit and the spell is not used.


If you collect the item of Mini Boss at the upper part, stay there at the top.
The will‐o’‐the‐wisp which appears here does not shoot the bullets until it transfers to the middle of the screen, thus conduct the quick defeat and upper item collection.

Large Fairy + Small Fairy

Two large fairies appear and scatter the bullets all around them.
Their shots are aimed bullets, thus, don’t get panic, and go away and avoid the shots.
After defeating four large fairies, carry out the upper item collection.

Middle Fairy + Yin-Yang Orb

The Yin-Yang Orb, which appears from the right side of the screen does not shoot the bullets, thus defeat it quickly as being wary of its attack.
The middle fairy, which comes out from the upper left of the screen, shoots with aimed bullets.
Defeating the middle fairy, finish the upper item collection before the next middle fairy comes out.
After defeating the third middle fairy, transfer to the bottom of the screen in the middle and prepare for the next.

Large Fairy

Shoot the bullets to the top, bottom, left and right first, and afterwards, keep shooting as changing the angle slightly.
If you succeed to have the first position, you can beat them by the second shot.
After that, two similar enemies appear simultaneously, thus transfer as being wary not to get shot and defeat them.
The road mission is finished here, so carry out the upper item collection and prepare for the boss battle.

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