Touhou 16 - Stage 2 walk-through on the road | Enemy・The way to deal with Mini Boss (Easy Mode)

It is a walk-through for the Stage 2 on the road in Touhou 16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. We describe the easy mode in order to make it simpler for the beginners. It introduces how to deal with enemies and Mini Boss for each scene, the timing of item collection, the spell card, and when to use Season Release.

Course on the road

Small Fairy

Since the enemy does not shoot the bullets here, go in front and aim for quick defeat and automatic item collection.

Middle Fairy + Small Fairy

Two middle fairies come out simultaneously twice, meaning four of them appear in total.
The bullets of middle fairy are shots to the surroundings ⇒ it lays a track to the bottom of the screen, meaning it’s falling down.
If you leave them for long time, you will be in trouble as they shoot the bullets many times, so ignore the small fairy and prioritize the defeat of the middle fairies.
Since the space of the bullets is big, do not force yourself to collect the items, but calm down to avoid the shots.
If you defeat four middle fairies, it is safe for a while, so carry out the item collection.

Will‐o’‐the‐wisp + Middle Fairy

Will‐o’‐the‐wisp descends jiggly as shooting the aimed bullets.
Move to the sides of the screen while the stage title is shown and avoid the aimed bullets slowly by moving to the side.
After a while, middle fairy appears from the sides of the bottom half of the screen.
Stay at the bottom of the screen to avoid being attacked.
Even though the middle fairy shoots the bullets which spreads around, it is still the aimed shots. Therefore, you are safe if you just slowly move to the side.
After that, a troublesome large fairy appears, so it will be easy if you use a spell at a proper timing.
During the invincible time of the spell, move around to beat all the remaining enemies.

Large Fairy

Three large fairies appear in order from the middle⇒right⇒left.
Since they shoot the bullets on the complicated track like a spiral, try the quick attack, remembering the position of the enemies not to let them shoot such bullets.
If you fail to beat the enemy and you have to fight against two of them, use the spell.

Middle Fairy + Small Fairy

It is the same pattern like the one that appeared before.
Two middle fairies come out simultaneously three times, meaning six of them appear in total.
Since the way to deal with them is the same, beat each of the fairies without any mistakes.

Will‐o’‐the‐wisp + Middle Fairy

It is also the same as before.
You do not have to feel upset here as the enemies no longer appear.
A Mini Boss comes out soon after this, so do not force yourself to collect items at the upper part.

Mini Boss : Nemuno Sakata

It shoots the bullets successively, which seems like the aimed bullets, but are not actually aimed.
Watching the track of the bullets, you can just micro-dodge more widely a little.
The successive shots stop after a while, so watch for the good timing to go away in the opposite direction.
If you beat them within the time limit, you can obtain the Spell Item here.

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