This is a Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons Wiki and strategy guide page. We introduce stage walkthroughs, new system, character performance.

Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons Wiki(Walkthrough, Strategy Guide)



Character Guides

Recommended Character

Player Character introduction
Reimu Hakurei Marisa Kirisame Cirno(with a Tan)
Aya Shameimaru
Enemy Character introduction
Etanity Larva Nemuno Sakata Aunn Komano
Narumi Yatadera Satono Nishida & Mai Teireida Okina Matara

Stage Walkthrough

Stage Walkthrough
Stage 1 Road Boss : Etanity Larva
Stage 2 Road Boss : Nemuno Sakata
Stage 3 Road Boss : Aunn Komano
Stage 4 Road Boss : Narumi Yatadera
Stage 5 Road Boss : Satono Nishida & Mai Teireida
Stage 6 Road Boss : Okina Matara
Extra Stage Road Boss : Okina Matara

Tips and Tricks

  • Replay folder location · How to play Replay
  • Tips and tricks
  • Bugs information


Touhou Tenkuushou~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons is the official 16th work in the Touhou project work. It was announced by ZUN on his personal blog at 22:09 on April 20, 2017. A reproducible demonstration was released on May 7, 2017 at Reitaisai 14, but the full version is due to be released next Summer Comiket (August 11, 2017).

Title Touhou16, Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Genre Shoot ’em up(STG)
Platform Windows PC
Developer Team Shanghai Alice
Publisher Team Shanghai Alice
Release Date 11 Aug, 2017(Summer Comiket 92)